HEXA Ketupat

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When it comes to Hari Raya, the food you can never missed out will definitely be Ketupat. Somehow Ketupat has become an iconic symbol for Hari Raya, whenever you see restaurants, shop, and even offices decorated with ketupat decorations, you can be assured that Raya is coming. Ketupat is usually served together with kuah kacang, rendang or even satay. Bored with the typical dishes you could serve with Ketupat? Our HEXA team have come up with a recipe for this year Raya that you could pair Ketupat with, the Lamb Kabsa! Kabsa is actually a traditional Saudi dish. Unlike the traditional recipe where Lamb Kabsa are cooked together with rice, we decided to prepare it on it’s own and serve it with Ketupat. Try it and impress your guest this coming Raya!

  • HEXA Ketupat
  • HEXA Ketupat
  • HEXA Ketupat

HEXA Ketupat  HEXA Ketupat  HEXA Ketupat

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Preparation Time: 30 minutes
Cooking Time: 30 minutes
Serving Size: 6 person
tablespoon cumin (½ tblsp)
2 liter of water (it depends on the size of your ketupat)
2 packet of instant ketupat (big size)
spring onions
cherry tomatoes (optional)
Wok / pan and turner
Mortar and pestle/ blender