Hakka Lei Cha

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Most of the Malaysian Chinese must have heard of Lei Cha. Lei Cha is actually a traditional Hakka rice dish, it consist of nuts, tofu and vegetables both preserved and fresh. The name Lei Cha (??) means grounding of tea. Lei is an action of grinding and pounding of tea. However, pounding the ingredients consumed too much time and for this recipe we have substitute it with blender. However, the recipe remain as traditional Ho Po Hakka Lei Cha since the ingredients are still the same. Due to the greenness of the dish, Lei Cha was not the most popular Hakka food among Malaysian Chinese. However, for those who love it, they will definitely be rewarded with a lower cholesterol levels. To make this dish even healthier, we are matching it with Thai King Brown Rice. As compared to white rice, brown rice is produced by removing its surrounding hull of rice kernel only and that makes it an unpolished and unrefined whole grain. There are enormous benefits of brown rice, to name few of it: hel

  • Hakka Lei Cha
  • Hakka Lei Cha
  • Hakka Lei Cha

Hakka Lei ChaHakka Lei ChaHakka Lei Cha

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Preparation Time: 1 hours
Cooking Time: 30 minutes
Serving Size: 4 person
1 cabbage
1 french beans
1 red spinach
1 choy sum
1 preserved radish
1 firm bean curd
Lei Cha Soup
100 grams roasted peanuts
200 grams thai basil leaves
150 grams mint leaves
3 tablespoon oolong tea leaves
(to taste) Salt